Enabling and Setting up Timesheet Functionality

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Enabling and setting up timesheet functionality can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin
  • Course Admin


Placement & Timesheet functionality must be enabled by a course administrator, which triggers the timesheet functionality.


Course admin – Available on web platform only

Course administrators can now set up placement & timesheet functionality, as well as being able to view and edit any submitted timesheets.


Setting up

This functionality is set up by going to the options in the left hand menu, located below the heading Placements & Timesheets.

Manage Placements, you can either create a new placement or import all your data in at once using the Import button. Placements must have a unique Placement ID, and a valid start and end date.

Manage locations allows you to add a location name and provide a description. You must enable each location in order to allow the timesheets to be marked against the location, which is done by selecting the checkbox ‘enable location’.

Manage timesheets allows you to enable timesheets for the organisation and any child organisation(s). If this is not enabled, students will not be able to see the Timesheet options and cannot record time against a location. Add in custom activity types for reporting time against.

Once these have been set up and enabled, students can start to submit their timesheets.


Terminology explained

Placement ID – This is a unique reference, which could be a string which follows on (e.g. AB001, AB002, AB003); or even a reference, such as the year and tutor initials – “2015DMW”.

Location – This would be the actual area or place that the placement is taking place, such as a ward, e.g. Maternity, A&E.

Activity types – These are used to track time. Fill in activity type options in order to have entities to mark against. An example is “Shift type”.

Activity type options – This can be anything, such as ‘Day Shift’/’Night Shift’/’Sick’.

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