Can I use the mobile app?

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On the mobile app you can:

  • Sync down assessments that were deployed in the last 30 days to that user for completion on the mobile device
  • Complete those assessments online or offline
  • Save a response to an assessment as a draft, allowing you to edit this at a later stage
  • Sync the responses back to the web service/to tutors
  • Change the look of Myprogress on your web device (big text, dark page background)
  • Change your syncing options to suit your Wi-Fi/Internet connection
  • Create blogs for your own use (these will appear on the web service once synced)
  • Attach files to a blog
  • Favourite an assessment or response so you can locate it quickly
  • Browse categories to help order your assessments 
  • View completed responses that were completed on that mobile device
  • Archive old assessments or responses

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