Creating groups

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Creating groups can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin
  • Course Admin


Go to Manage groups on the left hand menu.


If you need alternative group types, select the Group types tab.


Select Create a new group type.

Enter in the group name and a description.

Select Create.



Go to the Groups tab.


Select Create a new group.

Enter in the fields and click Create when finished.



To change any details of the group, click on name of group.


The first tab is Edit group details, where you can edit what was entered when the group was created.



The second tab is Manage users, where you can Add and Remove users, as well as Edit privileges for users in the group.


The next tab is Manage frameworks, where you can select which frameworks you would like to make available to the group.


The last tab on the right is Group actions, where you can copymerge or delete the group.


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