Importing users

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Importing users can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin
  • Course Admin


Step 1. Choose ‘Manage users’ from the left hand menu.

Step 2. Click ‘Import users’. 

Step 3. If you have not already, download the template and fill it in. (The file can also be found at the bottom of this page.)

Note: Student, Tutor, and Co-ordinators are the only roles which can be used in the import. If the role is not specified, or an incorrect role is entered, the users will be created as Students.

Step 4. Choose which Cohort you want to import your users into. 

Note: This is over-ridden via the import file if the field is completed. You can also import users for multiple cohorts using the file.

Step 6. Click ‘Choose File’ and select the file containing the information for the users from where it is located on your PC.

Note: All users that are imported will be added to the same organisation as the administrator user that is logged in and completing the import.

Step 7. Click ‘Upload’.

Step 8. Choose whether a welcome email is sent.

Note: This is important if you have chosen to have an automatically generated password. The email will contain a link to the Myprogress system and will inform the new users of their usernames and passwords.

Step 9. Click 'Import'.

Note: This is at the bottom of the page and must be clicked in order for the upload to be successful.

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