Create a new framework

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Step 1. Click the ‘Create a new framework’ button.

Step 2. Enter in a name for your framework and a description.

Note: These will be used to help locate your framework when it is ‘Published – Public’.

Step 3. Tick the “I agree…” box to confirm you have read and understood the JustFrameworks terms of use.

Step 4. Click ‘Create’ and a blank framework will appear for you to start editing.

Step 5. Choose a ‘Subject area’ for your framework to appear in and fill in the ‘Additional information’ fields.

Note: It is recommended to add information or a link to your organisation or personal website into the ‘Additional information’ fields.

Step 6. Click on the ‘+Group’ button to add a level to the framework. Add a name, and a description if necessary.

Note: You can add groups anywhere in the framework to add levels. Click the button at the level above where you want the new level to appear.

Step 7. Click ‘Create’.

Step 8. Click on ‘+Item’ to add a bottom level entry. Add a name, and a description if necessary.

Note: You cannot add anything below an item.

Step 9. Click ‘Create’.

Step 10. Carry on adding groups and items, and when finished, click ‘Save changes & Close’.


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