What are the system requirements for using Myprogress?

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Myprogress is a web and mobile device system created by MyKnowledgeMap Ltd.

The system supports the creation and deployment of electronic assessments to users, which they complete.


Access via the web requires a compatible browser, with JavaScript enabled, and an internet connection.  

The internet browsers that are currently supported are:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - Current and most previous version
  • Mozilla Firefox - Current and most previous version
  • Apple Safari - Current and most previous version
  • Google Chrome - Current and most previous version

Some tutor functionality, predominantly assessment authoring and framework management, requires the Adobe Flash Player plugin v10 or above.

You can download compatible browsers and plugins using these links:

Internet Explorer - windows.microsoft.com

FireFox - www.mozilla.org

Safari - support.apple.com

Chrome - www.google.co.uk

Flash Player - get.adobe.com


The mobile app can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. An internet or Wi-Fi connection is necessary to log in and sync the data, but once logged in, the user does not need that connection to complete assessments. 

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