Manage placements

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Manage placements can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin
  • Course Admin


Under the Placements & timesheets options, you can Manage placements. This is where you can link locations to the placement, add students and mentors, and import placements.


New placement

The placement ID is not visible to the students, and is for Administration purposes only.

When creating a new placement, you can add start and end dates. This restricts students from adding timesheets outside of those dates.


Edit placements

Once you have created a placement, you can then link this to the locations, mentors and students. This can be accessed at any point by clicking on the Edit placements button under the Actions column.


Import placements

You can batch import your placement data using an Excel file as a base. There is an example file which can be downloaded.

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