Creating users

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Creating users can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin
  • Course Admin


Step 1. Click on ‘Manage users’ from the left hand menu.

Step 2. Click ‘Create a new user’.

Step 3. Fill in the user's name and email. All emails must be unique.

Step 4. Enter in a password for the user, or leave blank to have a new password generated automatically.

Note: If you are creating test accounts it may be more convenient for you to use the same password, such as pass2016.

Step 5. Assign an organisation to the user.

Step 6. Assign the user a role of ‘student’, ‘tutor’, ‘super-tutor’, ‘tutor and coordinator’, ‘coordinator’, ‘author’, ‘course admin’, ‘mentor’,  ‘sys administrator’ or 'marker' from the dropdown list.

Step 7. Assign the user to a cohort (or more) by ticking the boxes.

Step 8. Choose whether a welcome email is sent (see note below).

Note: This is important if you have chosen to have an automatically generated password. The welcome email will contain a link to the Myprogress system and inform the new user of their username and password.

Step 9. Click ‘Create user’.

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