Submitting Timesheets on the web platform

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Submitting timesheets can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • Student


The timesheet functionality allows students to see all submitted timesheets and to submit new timesheets. If timesheets are not enabled for an organisation, then this option will be hidden. Students now have a dedicated timesheet screen which allows them to review submitted timesheets and to submit new timesheets, as well as having timesheets signed off online.

By selecting Timesheets from the left hand menu, students can submit a new timesheet or view and delete a submitted timesheet. Only Course Administrators can edit a submitted timesheet.

Students select their placement which is tied to the location, and select an activity type. They then select the date from the picker, and record their hours and/or minutes. Students can select a mentor from the list of mentors linked to the placement, or submit the details of someone else who will approve the timesheet.


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