Myprogress v6.1 iOS & Android apps

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This document introduces the Myprogress v6 iOS and Android apps, the upgrade process and what can be expected using the v6 apps connected to a v5.3.x web system. A summary of new functionality, available when connected to a v6.x web system, is also provided.


Please download the below file for more information on the following:

- v6 app device requirements 

- Upgrading the apps

- App compatability

- What's changed

  • Observational assessments on a student device
  • Likert matrix questions on phones & small-screen devices
  • iOS performance improvements
  • Improved button labels
  • Improved connection detection
  • Improved authentication expiry
- New v6 functionality
  • Assessment categories
  • New question types
  • Assessment deadlines

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