Placement Import Spreadsheet

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You can use the spreadsheet to quickly update existing Placements, or to add in new placements. Other parts of placement and timesheet functionality will need to be handled separately, such as Activity types.

Regarding the Placement Import Spreadsheet:

Placement ID:
The placement ID is visible to the students, for them to select their Placement. (If updating, this should be the same as the placement ID that has been created.)

Start Date & End Date:
When creating a new placement, you can add start and end dates. This restricts students from adding timesheets outside of those dates. (If updating, these new dates will take effect)

Location Name:
Name of location. (If updating, this should be the same as the location name that has been created.)

Location Description:
The Description is not visible to the students, and is for Administration purposes only. This does not need to be filled for this import to work.

Users' Unique Identifer

Users' Unique Idenifer

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