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Firstly, set up locations in Manage locations, which is found in the left hand menu.

Select the button Create a new location

You will need to add a Location name and a Description. The location name is normally the location where the placement is taking place, for example, York Hospital, St Theresa’s Primary School.

Please ensure you have selected the check box for Track timesheets for this location.


Whilst in this location screen, click on the button Manage mentors.


Here you can select the mentors to add. These are saved automatically. If you select back, the Mentor count should have changed.

Then go to Manage placements which is found in the left hand menu.

Select the button New placement under the banner.


Enter in the Placement ID. The Students can see this, and is used to reflect their placements. For example, 2016 T Year, Summer 2016.

A Start date and an End date must be specified. Timesheets with hours and dates outside of that range will not be accepted.

Select Create.

The Edit Placement screen appears.


Here you can Manage students by selecting the button. This opens the below image and you can sort through which students to add, using groups and check the boxes. These are saved automatically.

Select back when finished.

The placement students number should have updated.

You can also Manage locations & mentors by selecting that button. Find the location in the drop down box as shown in the image below.

Remember to Save Changes.

A green box should appear to confirm that the Location updated.

When you go back, Location and mentors should be updated.

Finally, you need to enable the activity type for the placements if the users are reporting more than one type. For example, With mentor, without mentor, sick.

Go to Manage timesheets which is in the left hand menu.

Ensure Enable timesheets for this organisation is selected.


Click on the Create new button

Add in the Activity type name, and add in activity type options.

Once the options have been added, select the Enable this activity type for use, so students can record their time against the types.

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