Peer assessments

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Student observer accepts agreement: Sometimes you may require students to agree to something before they complete an assessment. This setting allows you to present some text at the start of the assessment process that must be agreed to before continuing. A typical example in healthcare education could be “students agree to remove all sensitive data regarding patients before submitting their assessment”.


Send to student as self assessment: If this isn’t ticked, then the form only goes to the student’s class mates/peers. If this is ticked, then a blank form also goes to the student themselves, to complete in exactly the same way they’d complete a general assessment.

Student must answer all questions: By default, assessments can be submitted without students needing to answer all of their questions. If you tick this setting all questions become mandatory and must be answered before an assessment can be completed.

Response is anonymous: Feedback is anonymous: the person being assessed will not know who provided that response. As the system knows who completed each response, this can be viewed by a reviewer and they can see who provided the feedback.

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