Observational assessments deployed to observers

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Observational assessments deployed to observers have the following workflow:


There are various options that can be selected:


Observer accepts agreement: Sometimes you may require observers to agree to something before they complete an assessment. This setting allows you to present some text at the start of the assessment process that must be agreed to before continuing. A typical example in healthcare education could be “observers agree to remove all sensitive data regarding patients before submitting their assessment”. 

Observer selects placement: Placement & Timesheets functionality must be enabled. Users can then select a placement to link the response to.

Observer must answer all questions: By default, assessments can be submitted without all of the questions being completed. If you tick this setting then all questions become mandatory and must be answered before an assessment can be completed.

Response is graded: Select the grading scheme you want to apply. The System Admin must have already set up the grading scheme.

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