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Student adds 5 email addresses: This can be edited to how many email addresses can be entered.

Observer accepts agreement: Sometimes you may require observers to agree to something before they complete an assessment. This setting allows you to present some text at the start of the assessment process that must be agreed to before continuing. A typical example in healthcare education could be “observers agree to remove all sensitive data regarding patients before submitting their assessment”. 

Observer can respond multiple times: If this is unticked then observers will only be able to create a single response to this assessment. Left ticked, observers will be able to respond multiple times to the same assessment.

Observer must answer all questions: By default, assessments can be submitted without all of the questions being completed. If you tick this setting then all questions become mandatory and must be answered before an assessment can be completed.

Once the deployment workflow is defined then the course administrator or supertutor deploying the form can select to assign users to the deployment.

  • Users – the users (typically students) who will be the subject of the observation. These users will receive the assessment to their account and will be required to provide the email addresses of their observers.
  • Tutors – the tutors / super-tutors who will receive the responses from observers and will be required to moderate them before sharing them back to the student.

Once deployed, all users assigned the assessment will receive it to both their web space and their mobile devices. While these recipients will be unable to complete the form directly, they will be provided with two options:

  • Preview assessment – this provides a read-only preview of the assessment form so that all parties involved in the invite process can be provided with a view of what each observer will be expected to complete.
  • Gather observer email addresses – an interface allows the user to add the email addresses of each of the intended observers.

The interface for providing email addresses is simple and straight forward:


As email addresses are received by the online system, an email is triggered containing information about the feedback request and sent to each of the email addresses contained in the list, giving them access to the form via the web. Respondents do not need a Myprogress account.

A new interface is available for reviewers, allowing them to review responses as they come in, and release anonymised responses back to students:


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