Managing deployed assessments

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The manage deployed assessments screen allows super-tutors to withdraw assessments and to manage the markers associated with an assessment.


Step 1. Go to ‘Manage deployed assessments’.

Here you can:

  • Release responses
  • View deployment recipients
  • View any markers assigned to that assessment
  • Add new markers to that assessment
  • Withdraw assessment from all recipients


Release responses

Responses that have been held back, can be released to the students from here. Click on the green box, and select OK from the pop up box.

View deployment recipients

You can either click on the Show next to the Recipients, or the Manage button. This will show all the users who have had the assessment deployed to them.


Withdraw assessment from one or all recipients

Select the Manage button on the right side. Click on ‘withdraw’ next to the user to remove it from one studnet. Alternatively, click withdraw from all recipients, this will withdraw it from all students who were included in that deployment.

Note: Please take care when using this option. Withdrawn assessments will not show in reports, and students who have already responded will have the assessment displayed in their portfolio, but will be unable to make further responses.

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