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A new format of question to allow multiple levels of dropdown list has been created. A user is able to select a category from the first dropdown list and then, from a subsequent list, select from separate sets of items which change depending on the first list selected.

For example, suppose you had a form that was used for logging skills that had been observed in practice. The list may be fairly long and subdivided into categories:



General Medicine

Oxygen Therapy












Infant / Child


Equipment - Spacer

General Surgery

Basic Preparation




Wound Management


Gastro Intestinal


Because there are so many skills, it would be convenient to allow the observer to select the discipline, and then select from only the skills that are relevant to that discipline.

This is facilitated by the new question type. On the web it displays as per the following screen shots (the terminology depends on how you’ve authored the question):

In this example, if general medicine is selected as the discipline, the second dropdown shows a set of general-medicine-related skills:

But if general surgery is selected as the discipline, a different set of skills is shown, related to general surgery:

This new question is supported both online and in the app:

To author the new question type, create a new drop down component. Myprogress uses the “pipe” character, |, to distinguish a multi level list. When authoring your question, put the higher level categories between two pipe characters as in the screenshot below:

So for the example we’ve worked through, the full question could be authored like so:

|General Medicine|Oxygen Therapy

|General Medicine|ECG

|General Medicine|Vascular

|General Medicine|Neurology

|General Medicine|Medicaion


|Paediatrics|Infant / Child

|Paediatrics|Equipment - Spacer

|General Surgery|Basic Preparation

|General Surgery|Trauma

|General Surgery|Wound Management

|General Surgery|Gastro Intestinal

In the nonflash authoring tool currently under development there will be a new dedicated authoring process for these questions. This will be available in a future release.

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