New tutors not seeing previously submitted student responses

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On occassions newly added tutors to groups where student responses have already been submitted will mean that those tutors may not have visibility of those responses. There are a couple of options for how this can become visibile to those new tutors.


  • If you just needing the visibility to be for a few tutors you can go into 'manage groups', select the relevant group, then go to 'manage users' within the manage groups section, click 'remove' for the relevant tutor and then select 'add', once you click add this will come up with a box that has a checkbox (see below) if you tick this and add this should show historic responses.


  • Alternatively if you have quite a lot of new tutors that need to view these historic responses then we can go in and do a whole visibility update, which will give visibility to all tutors that were added to a group after responses were submitted.

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