How do I install the Myprogress Building Block?

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You can find the “Assessment with Myprogress™” Building Block listed in the Blackboard Extensions Catalog by visiting here or you can download the package directly from here.

Once downloaded, installation is the same as any other Building Block:

Unzip the downloaded file to extract the war file for installation into Blackboard. You can do this in Windows 7 and 8 by right clicking the zip file and selecting “Extract All”.

Navigate to System Admin and click “Upload Building Blocks” and navigate to the browse to the location where you saved the building block package, select it and click “Submit” to upload the package and install it to your system.

After installing the .war file you will see a screen with a long list of permissions that must be granted for the Myprogress plugin to function correctly. It is not a good idea to change any of these settings, as doing so will impair functionality, so you should click “approve” to allow the install to go ahead.

Blackboard will perform some background operations and in a short while you should see a confirmation dialog similar to that shown below.

Congratulations! If you have reached this point you have successfully installed the Myprogress building block and can begin setting it up with your Myprogress install.

If instead you see a red warning dialog with an error message, check that you correctly followed the steps given above and try again.


Note: The Building Block is compatible with Blackboard Learn 9.1+ and requires a licensed Myprogress installation at v5.2 or later.

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