How do I attach assessments to a Blackboard course?

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When signed into Blackboard as a course builder you can start to add Myprogress to your courses in the content area.

Under assessments you can select Myprogress assessment and a new entry will be added to your course content listing. If this option isn’t available to you then you may need the Myprogress tool enabling for your course. See here for more information.

Give your new assessment a name, and a description if required, as well as settings on how you’d like to register grades and scores in the Grade Center.

Bear in mind that as Myprogress controls access to assessments, date and time restrictions added within Blackboard will not affect the assessments you link. If you’re ready to select an appropriate Myprogress assessment then click submit and launch or just click submit if you’d like to select an assessment later.

Launching the new item allows you to choose which of your existing Myprogress assessments you’d like to link to your Blackboard item.

Once you select an assessment it will be linked to your Blackboard course item and automatically enabled for all students who are enrolled on your course.

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