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Moving between questions

Step 1. Go to the buttons on the left of the assessment player and choose another question from the section.

Step 2. The navigation buttons will change colour as you answer. Grey shows unanswered questions, orange is the current question, and blue are completed questions.

Step 3. Alternatively, at the bottom of the assessment player, use the navigation bar to move through your questions.


Moving between parts and sections

Click on the drop down menu in the bottom left of the assessment to change sections.


Checking your progress

Your progress is tracked in the top right of the assessment player. When the bar reaches 100% then you have answered every question in the assessment.


Answering your questions

Multiple choice questions – Tick your selected answer(s) from the boxes provided.

Text response questions – Add your answer into the provided box.

File upload question – Upload the file from your storage device once you have completed your response.

Your answers will be saved automatically as you move between questions. A small ‘progress saved’ alert near your progress bar indicates when saving has been successful.

Getting help

If you need help at any point while completing your assessment you can click the “help” button to view on screen help and information on the features of the assessment player.

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