How does a tutor mark a student response against a framework?

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Step 1. Choose ‘Student response’ from the left hand menu.

Step 2. Click on ‘View this response’ from the list of students and assessments.

Step 3. There are two options to mark competencies against a framework. If a competency has already been linked to the assessment when it was created, these will show in the 'Pre-matched competencies'. Alternatively, if the response needs to be marked against a different framework, or a competency which has not been selected in advance, these can be found in 'Mark other competencies'.

Once you have located the competency, simply click on the competency to select it. A tick mark will appear next to the selected competency. Click on it again to remove the tick from the competency.

Note: For example you could have an assessment regarding an examination, and have the frameworks, Leg, Arm, Body, and Head mapped for ease of marking.

Step 5. Click the final item of the framework and a tick will appear.

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