What are 'organisations', 'frameworks' and 'groups'?

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Your Myprogress system provides a number of features to allow you to group and organise users and assessment materials.

Organisations provide structure to the users in your system. Everyone will belong to an organisation and your overall organisation structure can be hierarchical offering scope for creating complex structures with departments, sub-departments, faculties and schools.

Groups allow you to organise users into teams, classes or work units. While users can only belong to a single organisation they can belong to as many groups as you like. This means a student can be in a ‘Year 3’ group as well as a ‘Project Group A’ group and a ‘Tom’s Personal Tutorial Group’ group. In addition, when tutors are added to groups they become active tutors for that group, and can view as well as review all of the work for that group - they even get all of the relevant alerts for those students too.

Frameworks are structured sets of criteria against which you can match assessments and also map student evidence and responses to. These frameworks could be curriculum structures, competency frameworks, assessment criteria or learning objectives - in fact any structured set of things which you would like to use to map or compare assessments and responses with.

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