How do I create frameworks?

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Creating frameworks can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin
  • Course Admin


Step 1. Go to ‘Manage Frameworks’ from the left hand menu.

Step 2. Click on the blue ‘Create a new framework’ button.

Step 3. Enter in the name and a description of your framework.

Step 4. Choose to enter an ‘evidence limit’ if appropriate.

Note: Evidence limits can be used if multiple examples are needed in order to fulfill the framework. For example, you have a competency of ‘understand the impact of exposure settings on a DSLR camera’. In order to complete this competency, the student needs to provide 5 examples. Therefore a moderate evidence limit of 5 would be entered. If you wanted to award a higher grade for addition examples, you would have a high evidence limit of 8.

Step 5. Click ‘Create’ and a new screen should appear.

Step 6. Start adding in your framework using the ‘Add’ button.

Note: Frameworks operate in a similar way to the folder structures on your PC. The title is shown as the top level, and you can add sub-elements in the form of folders (which would hold further sub-elements) or items (which are the parts that can be marked or matched against). 

Step 7. When you have finished, click ‘Back to frameworks’.

Step 8. To enable the framework to be used against any child organisations, click ‘Update’ and choose the organisation(s) which should have access to this framework.

NOTE: The organisation in which this framework was created, will automatically have access to the framework and cannot be deselected.

Step 9. Click ‘Save changes’.

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