Enabling and setting up a Grading Scheme

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Enabling and setting up grading schemes can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • System Admin


Step 1. Click Assessment* settings from the left hand menu.

Note: The term assessment may have been altered or reworded as appropriate for your uses by administrators/course administrators in your implementation of Myprogress.

Step 2. Go to the Grading & marking tab. Click Create new.

Step 3. Enter a name for your new grading scheme and click Save.

Step 4. Ensure the new grading scheme is selected in the drop down list.

Step 5. Type into the Add New Option text box your grading option and click Add.

Step 6. Repeat Step 5 until you have entered all of your desired options, e.g. A, B, C, D, E, F.

Note: The system automatically lists these in alphabetical order, so if you are using text grades (e.g. ‘Pass’/’Fail’) this will be re-ordered (e.g. ‘Fail’/’Pass’). You can use numbers at the start of the text (e.g. ‘1 Pass’, ‘2 Fail’) to customise ordering if necessary.

Step 7. Choose whether you want to use the grading scheme as default. This means that this scheme will automatically be selected for all assessments deployed by your Tutors.

Step 8. Choose whether the grading scheme is ready for use. This must be selected in order for the Tutors to select this from their list when deploying.

Step 9. Click Update to apply the changes.

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