Assigning forms for tutors and markers

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When you deploy assessments, you select the students you are deploying it out to (if it is a general, observational completed by observee, peer or email invite assessment) or the raters you are deploying it to (if it is an observational assessment completed by observer) by clicking the assign users button.

You can also assign markers to the assessment here, and, for general assessments, you can pre-select tutors so that students don’t forget to share their assessment with them:


The markers tab allows you to allocate markers to the assessment:


Additionally, it is possible to add and remove markers associated with previously deployed assessments from the manage deployed assessments area:



When markers log into the system, they have a simplified workflow for marking and managing their marking workflow:


The responses to mark area offers a new workflow for quickly working through responses that need marking, and when a marker has worked through them, they are shown an alert that they are up to date:


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