How do Myprogress & Blackboard work together?

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Myprogress and Blackboard communicate with each other using the IMS LTI open standard, which provides a range of benefits and functionality while maintaining a simple and intuitive experience for both learners and instructors.

Using Myprogress alongside Blackboard allows:

  • Academics and faculty staff to create assessment content using focused Myprogress authoring workflows and interfaces
  • Course administrators retain control of course structuring and activity creation within the standard Blackboard interfaces
  • Both graded and un-graded assessments with scores submitted directly to the Blackboard Grade Center
  • Automatic Myprogress user creation and enrolment based on Blackboard course enrolment
  • Support for both web and mobile completion of assessments, with all standard Myprogress functionality available to both learners and instructors
  • Single-sign-on for users who choose to access Myprogress from within their Blackboard interface

Integrating Myprogress within your Blackboard environment is a straightforward process:


  1. Administrator creates an integration connection within Myprogress, generating a path, a key and a secret word.
  2. Administrator adds the Myprogress Building Block using the 3 details generated by Myprogress
  3. Administrator enables the “Myprogress assessment” Building Block for any courses that require it

This is a one-time only process and ends the involvement required by the Blackboard administrator.

Instructor / academic

  1. Instructor accesses Myprogress and creates any assessments that they might require

Course administrator

  1. Course administrator enrols instructors and learners on the course
  2. Course administrator adds new “Myprogress assessment” content items to the course, linking each to the appropriate Myprogress assessment – note that grading settings can be altered here using the standard Blackboard options

As the course administrator adds assessments, Myprogress checks the Blackboard course enrolments and adds users to the appropriate course in Myprogress, creating them if they don’t yet exist.


  1. Learners access Myprogress directly by either visiting their Myprogress installation, using the single-sign-on links within their Blackboard course, or by using the Myprogress mobile apps
  2. Learners respond to their assessments and engage with their instructors using the Myprogress response review functionality

Instructor / academic

  1. Instructor accesses Myprogress directly and reviews assessment response received from learners
  2. Instructor completes grading of responses, choosing which grades to submit to the Blackboard Grade Center – a simple button click then sends the grade to Blackboard, adding it to the grade table

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