How do I connect Myprogress to my Blackboard?

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To connect Myprogress and Blackboard you first need to establish a new integration within the administration screens of Myprogress.

Sign into Myprogress as an administrator and select integrations from the menu and then select add integration.

When creating your new integration select Blackboard as the VLE and select which Myprogress organisation level you’d like to connect to. Give your integration a unique name and be sure to tick enable the integration before saving the changes.

This will give you an integration key, a secret word and a service URL, all of which you will need when setting up the Building Block. You can also choose to have the details emailed to you for future reference.

In Blackboard, select System Admin > Building Blocks > Installed Tools and click on settings for the Myprogress tool. You can then add the three items of data into the connection settings.

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