Enabling and Setting up Timesheet Functionality

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Timesheets are a very dynamic, concise way for students to submit the time spent on placements or completing a specific activity.

This piece of functionality is also a useful tool for tutors/markers/assessors to consistently keep up to date with students whilst they are out on placement. There are two reports under the ‘placement’ tab in the reporting section of MyProgress. One advises the timesheet records completed by students whilst on placement and one advises the details of the assessment responses generated by users whilst on placement.

**Please note you need to set these up with a user that is at top level of an organisation, otherwise these will not show**



Timesheets can be setup by firstly going in the ‘Manage Placements’ tab under the ‘Placement & Timesheets’ section.

From here you input all details required for that placement (see below).

After, you will be taken to a screen which allows you to select users you wish to allocate these timesheets to and also add in a location for that placement.


Once you have completed adding in the placement locations, you then begin to add your activity types into the placements.


Go into ‘Manage Timesheets’ under the ‘Placement & Timesheets’ section.

Begin by ensuring the ‘enable timesheets button is selected.

Select ‘Create New’ and then add an activity name, e.g.

From here you can being creating timesheets by selecting the blue ‘Create New’ button.

On this next page you can create a new activity by typing in the name of a placement, e.g. Royal London Hospital’ and selecting ‘Save Changes’.

Once saved you will be able to add different activity types to that placement, these could be;

  • AM / PM Hours
  • Absence
  • Day Shift Hours
  • Night Shift Hours
  • Taking Blood
  • Consultation


You will see when adding in the activity types there is a tick box that says ‘track time spent for timesheets using this activity type’. If this is ticked you will see once this activity is added it was say ‘true’ and if it isn’t ticked it will say ‘false’.

If it is true the student will be requested to put in the exact time spent doing that activity, if it is false they will not need to do this and this timesheet will just show that they completed this activity, but with no specific time against it.

You will see a tick box above where you input the activity type in that highlights ‘enable this activity for use’. Ensure this is ticked so that this specific placement will appear for students in their list.



On the menu there will be a button ‘New Timesheet Entry’. Upon clicking here you will be given all the options to choose for your timesheet and then you will save the timesheet.

**Please note…The option to submit a timesheet in the app will not appear until the start date that was selected when the timesheets were being set up**

Once a timesheet is submitted it will need to be approved by the student’s mentor. Select the relevant placement, then select the correct timesheet and then click submit. From here you will be requested to select the relevant mentor that is approving these timesheets.



The process is very similar in the web to that of the app. Select ‘Timesheets’ from the left menu bar and then choose the green ‘Submit a Timesheet’ button.

You can then fill in all the relevant areas in accordance with the placement the student is filling out the timesheet for.

You will see differently to the app is that instead of manually approving the timesheet after filling it in, for the web the mentor’s name and email address will be selected at the bottom.



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