Completing an assessment

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Step 1. When you have finished, click Finish. 

You will have three options: ‘Save as a draft' for if you have not yet finished this assessment, ‘Complete this response’ which will submit it, and ‘Resume the assessment’ which will return you to the assessment.

There may also be an option 'email assessor for later' which means your assessment is sent through to your selected tutor at the time, in which they will receive and then respond accordingly.

Step 2. To submit the completed assessment, click ‘Complete this response’ and choose which tutors you would like to review your response. Click ‘Complete this response’ again to finalise the submission.

Please remember that you cannot withdraw or delete assessments once submitted, so always double check your work before sending it off. Note however that you can re-submit responses, with amendments, and your tutor will review the most recently submitted assessment instead.

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