Creating Assessments

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Creation of assessments can be completed with the following user role(s):

  • Course Admin
  • Super Tutor
  • Author


Step 1. Choose ‘Create / edit assessments’ from the left hand menu.

Step 2. You will see a list of all the assessments currently available to you. Click the ‘Create a new assessment’ button which is located at the head of the list.

Step 3. Click the ‘Create new’ button which is located under your name.

Step 4. Enter in a ‘Title’ and ‘Description’. Click ‘Create and Edit this assessment’.

Note: Please ensure all fields have content and that the content contains alphabetical characters and these punctuation characters: -@!,() only.

You can assign an assessment to a category, which will allow the users to locate them in a folder. Click on the Assessment categories and select one of the pre-made categories.


Step 5. The following screen should appear.  The left panel will show the structure of your assessment, and the right panel lists all the questions available to use. To save your progress at any point, and come back to the assessment later, click the ‘Save and close’ button in the top right corner.

Note: This authoring tool requires Adobe Flash Player 10, which you can find more about here.



Building structure

Step 1. Add a new part by clicking the ‘Add a new part’ button located on the right hand side.

Note: Parts contain sections, sections contain a mixture of test, questions and further subsections.

Step 2. Add a section by clicking on the top green plus button by Part A.

Step 3. Add a sub-section by clicking on the green plus button by Section 1.

Step 4. Edit the name of any of your sections by using the pencil button. This is the left icon across from the section name.

Note: Parts cannot be re-named.

Step 5. To add a text block within the structure of the assessment, click the note button. This is the second left icon across from the section name.


Finding questions

Step 1. In your question library, the right hand panel, select ‘only show questions that you have created’.

Step 2. Use the order filter to locate the question.

Note: The order options are: 'Order by A-Z'; 'Order by Z-A'; 'Order by New-Old'; and 'Order by Old-New'.


Using questions

Step 1. You can edit any of your questions by clicking on the pencil button next to the name.

Note: This won’t affect the question if it is already in an assessment, it will need to be deleted and re-added for this to take effect.


Step 2. Drag-and-drop your question into place within the assessment.

Step 3. To re-order the question, click the ‘re-order’ button in the main toolbar. When you have finished, click ‘OK’.

Note: This will open up a new window, and allow you to drag-and-drop the questions and sections.



Step 1. Click on the next tab ‘Map your assessment’.

Step 2. Select the relevant competencies from the left of the screen.

If you have the frameworks extension enabled, you can map your assessment to any of the competencies that are available to you. This will allow responses to be marked against competencies more quickly, and can also provide detailed reports for administrators and students regarding their progress against these frameworks.


Finishing up

Step 1. Click on the next tab ‘Publish your assessment’.

Step 2. Click Publish this assessment to use later - This will take you back to the assessment list screen.

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