Configuring the terminology

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Step 1. Click on ‘Terminology’ from the left hand menu.

Step 2. Change a key word or phrase into a term more appropriate for your own use, e.g. 'Cohort'/'Cohorts' could be renamed to 'Group'/'Groups'.

Step 3. Using this page you can choose to override as many of these terms as you like, providing your own alternatives.

For example, the context of your course may require use of the term 'exercises' rather than 'assessments'. This can be changed quickly and easily using the manage terminology page.


Going back to default settings

Step 1. You can either press the arrow keys, found next to the end of the key word or phrase, to individually change them back to the default terms, or alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the terminology page and click ‘reset all terminology'.

If, at any point, you would like to revert back to the standard set of terms, you can click the 'reset' button.

Terminology settings are attached to organisations within your system and will be set for whichever organisation you are an administrator for (plus any child organisations), allowing different groups of users to see different terminology within the same Myprogress application.

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