How do I set up course templates?

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Course templates are a dynamic way of deploying assessments in bulk. Course templates allow assessments to be deployed in two different ways; immediate or scheduled.



A trigger is set for when you want an assessment to be deployed.


Once the basic details are set the template is created and you will be prompted to then add the assessments required for this template and select the groups in which you want these assessments to be deployed to.


Once as assessment has been selected to add you will be presented with a screen similar to what is seen when deploying assessments individually. You can add the assessment as different workflows and also add as many assessments to a course template as you want.

You can choose to add assessment deadlines and choose when responses are shared with students. You will see two additional buttons at the bottom of this screen additional to what you would see when manual deploying an assessment on its own.

You have the ability to ‘withdraw the assessment when the assigned groups reach their end date’ – The end date that is set against the group in the system & ‘withdraw the assessment when users leave their assigned groups’, if a user leaves a group they will be automatically removed, prevents the manual task of withdrawing assessments individually from students that leave/finish.



Allows assessments to have staggered deployments, rather than deploying all on one date. Scheduled course templates are a great way of setting up deployments prior to a new cohort commencing their course.

When adding assessments into the course template there are some additional options on each workflow different to that of an immediate course template.

On general assessments you have the ability to:

  • Choose the number of days to deploy from group start date
  • Role to receive assessment = Students or Tutors – Allows tutors to do a general assessment themselves if required
  • Send recipients emails on deployment = Once the assessment is deployed whoever the chosen recipient is will get an email to notify them of the assessments that need to be completed


For all other workflows the additional options available are all apart from the ‘role to receive assessment’ (see below).

For a schedule course template the one notable different is that you will see when you are selecting the assessments to add to this course template that there isn’t a tab to select the groups you wish to deploy these assessments too.

When associating groups to a scheduled course template this is done a different area of the system.


You need to go to:

  • Manage groups
  • Select a group you wish to associate this course template to
  • Click ‘scheduled profiles’
  • Select the + sign
  • Select the release date for each assessment
  • Click add


General Areas


You will see whilst creating your course template the status is ‘pending’ which means that it isn’t yet live and can be edited. As soon as this course template is deployed and ‘apply all changes has been selected you will no longer be able to edit this course template. A pop up will appear asking if your sure you wish to proceed as it will no longer be editable.

If you do wish to edit/delete an assessment whilst the course template in under the ‘pending’ status select the pencil icon to edit or the red bin icon to delete.


After the course template is live the status will change (see below) and although you can no longer edit this, you can use the blue eye icon to preview how this assessment was setup, e.g. workflow used, functionality types used (user agreement, user can respond multiple times), any deadlines set, how responses are shared with students.

For scheduled course templates, once a group has been added to that course template you can either edit the scheduled deployment date for each assessment by selecting the eye icon or remove the group from that course template by selecting the red ‘x’.

Under the course templates main menu you will see the full list of course templates. There will be different icons next to each template and these mean different things.

  Allows you to remove a course template.

 Allows you to copy a course template, so you can use the same assessments but edit it                 to have different factors, e.g. workflows, options chosen for that workflow, deadlines.

   Allows you to preview what workflow and options have been selected for that template.                 This icon will be present if the course template is live and cannot be edited.

    Allows you to edit that course template, the status of this template will be pending and                 editing is possible as it hasn’t yet been deployed to live.


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