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(Peter here, using Sian's account)
I think the ability to put assessments into categories is great... BUT we've already accumulated a large number of assessments (350+) so for retroactively assigning categories it is very difficult to see which assessments have/have not already been tagged. The ideal solution to this problem would be a list of the assigned categories (preferably a single line, truncated summary of the assigned categories, rather than a complete list - also colour coded please!) as part of the assessment listing in the 'Create & Edit Assessments page' as well as a complete list, from which the category assignments can be removed, in the 'Assessment Categories' tab so that as the user adds categories the list is dynamically updated.

Sian Shaw

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Hi Peter and Sian,

Thank you for that suggestion. I've passed this for review with the Product Manager, Dave Waller, who will add this onto the roadmap for future changes to Myprogress. If this is a higher priority for you and you would like to discuss this further, I would recommend contacting your Account Manager to highlight this.

Kind regards

Emily Willis

Helpdesk Coordinator
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