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Select Assessment by Framework

(Peter here, using Sian's Account... again)
Having used the new assessment categories feature in v6.1, I have come across some limitations. Examples include the lack of subcategories and a few areas of the UI (and hence the UX) that could be improved. After assigning no less than 242 assessments (yes, I counted) to their categories I realised that we had already organised the assessments into existing frameworks which I'm sure could easily be adapted to organise the pool of assessments in a more structured and manageable way. So the feature that I'm asking for is the ability to select assessments by the framework they are associated with from a tree view of the current frameworks - as well as the categories for assessments which are not in frameworks.

Sian Shaw

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Hi Peter and Sian,

Thank you for that suggestion. It's great to hear how we can improve Myprogress for existing users. I've passed this for review with the Product Manager, Dave Waller, who will add this onto the roadmap for future changes to Myprogress.

Kind regards

Emily Willis

Helpdesk Coordinator
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