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University of Cambridge - School of Clinical Medicine

We are about to start our second year of using MyProgress.

We use this for in a lot of places across our new curriculum and currently we use this with our Year 4 and Year 5 students (the first 3 years are completed under a separate part of the University).

MyProgress is being used in core teaching across our 3 year programme (there will be a Year 6 as well from next year) including reflections ahead of Professionalism small-group teaching sessions and Clinical Skills sign-offs.

We are also using it within our Y4 and Y5 placement blocks to track students progress (the dashboards should hopefully help with this) while they are out in regional hospitals, in GP surgeries or within our Research/SSC (Student Selected Components) programmes.

In addition, we are using MyProgress in our Clinical Supervisor programme, where we deploy forms to students to reflect on specific cases they wish to write about and deploy a separate form to the supervisors to grade the students.

Finally, during our recent Introductory course (2 weeks), we also setup feedback forms using MyProgress.

William Mair

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