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MyProgress - Release forms back to students after Tutor review

Would it be possible to look into the idea of tutors being able to release forms back to students?

Our Professionalism team currently use the forms in the following way

  1. Student completes reflection and submits form
  2. Tutor reviews form ahead of group meeting
  3. Tutor and student group discuss common themes from submissions

We would like to be able to add in a 4th step, which would be that the student then completes the loop by filling in an additional reflection after the session is finished but on the same form (we could also add feedback/survey questions onto it too).

In addition, it could be a good way to 'send back' forms that have been submitted too early/incompletely.

Would it be possible to investigate the possibility of this?


William Mair

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Hi William,

This matches with some of our other users requests. We've added it to the list for a future release.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

Helpdesk Coordinator
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Thanks for this suggestion, William. I've passed it onto the Product Manager and will get a response to you as soon as possible.


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