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Automated reports

I noticed in our MyProgress V6 UAT site that there was an automated reports area (which I wasn't completely sure how to setup), but this has not been included in our live release.

Was there a reason these weren't included and if so, will it be included in a near future release?

A lot of administrators who have to go in and manually pull reports are really looking forward to this feature. :D

William Mair

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HI William.

The automated reports function is tied directly to the tutor dashboards. We had hoped to introduce both of these as part of the 6.1 release (why they were shown in your UAT site menu) but it was felt that the dashboards should be held back a little to ensure customers were fully migrated to the v6 platform and had things like groups and assessment categories updated first.

Dashboards and automated reports are now part of out v6.2 plan, which we are actively developing and testing now, and should be available shortly.

We're also currently looking at how we can give certain customers pre-release access to things like dashboards - it sounds like you might be keen on this so let us know if you'd like to be included in this group.

I hope this helps.


Support Team
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